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Calendar of Events

Congregational Assembly

June 17th | 12:15pm - following the 11:10 service
Worship Center
Congregational Assembly

Join us for a special meeting of the Divine Shepherd family next week.

~ Call Consideration - Vote Required
"The call committee for the Director of Youth Ministry position will be presenting their recommendation of a candidate to fill this position. The committee has interviewed a number of candidates and is very enthusiastic to present this candidate to the voters for consideration. The candidate is an experienced Director of Christian Education (DCE), has international experience, and has a passion for sharing Jesus with young people. In a former career this candidate was a dolphin trainer. Join us for this important meeting."
- Senior Pastor Mark Hannemann

~ Financial Update - No Official Action
Hear a Year-to-Date financial presentation from the Board of Directors.

All Members, ages 19+, are eligible to vote.

The By-Laws state:
"All Communicant Members automatically become Voting Members upon reaching their nineteenth birthday." Article I:A:4

"It shall be the privilege and duty of every Voting Member to attend the Congregational Assemblies. By failing to attend such a meeting, a Voting Member waives the right to cast a vote during that meeting." Article I:B:2:a

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